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Some of our cute students doing music and movement at Global Village Preschool! Love it!


When we designed Global Village Preschool we were adamant about incorporating a “Natural Playground”.  What a delight it was to see the benefits of this approach come shining through.  The kids were working on a gardening project when one of them noticed a bird’s nest, with two baby chicks inside!  You can only imagine the excitement it created amongst the kids.  They asked about the “Mommy bird”, what they eat, how do they fly, and other such questions.  Some were concerned that their nest looked too small so they decided to build a nest for them as well as a card.

Experiences such as these can only happen within a natural playground setting. It lets us know we’ve made the right decision to incorporate a natural playground within our learning facility. Wouldn’t you want your child to have similar experiences in their school?  The thing is; we are the only preschool in Doral with a natural playground!

Hello everyone,

I have been blessed to be married to not only a wonderful person but a great early childhood educator which in turn has caused a love for education to bloom within me. Of course this is only my humble opinion. That being said, I would love to share with you my own thoughts and observations as I watch my wife along with her great team build a preschool (Global Village Preschool)  that I believe has the ability to impart positive relationships early on in the education process of the children it caters to. I am always amazed by the competency the children display once they are given time to assess a situation and the time to respond.

How hard it is even now as an adult to face some of our fears head on. Imagine a child.

An interesting moment I observed recently ( and believe me there are many of these moments) was one of the younger children who we will call “C”  (under 3 years old) intensely staring at the slide as if contemplating sliding down, but obviously not sure and afraid.

She had finally made it to the top of our big hill and the change in perspective was no doubt a bit frightening.

 The teacher noticed her looking at the slide for a while and decided to prod her a bit and eventually placed her on the slide.

Well……”C” slid down, holding her breath, no hands and fast! You can see it in her expression. She was intently focused on the goal (the end of the slide) never for a moment did she look elsewhere. Amazingly she maintained perfect balance without her hands or her feet touching the slide!  If you can imagine for a moment this was you and someone placed you on a slide over 20 feet high! This is the equivalence!

Remember I mentioned tackling your fears head on…and how even us now as adults have a hard time doing this? “C” not only tackled her fear, but look at her face afterward. Triumph! You can see she really feels she has made a big accomplishment, and rightly so!

Children full of competence; yes, that is what they are.

Global Village Preschool is OFFICIALLY OPEN AND ENROLLING!!! We welcome all to schedule a tour of our one-of-kind facility. Spaces fill quickly and as such we have to keep it on a first come first serve basis. CALL 305-400-4383 or check out to schedule a tour today. HEY! Why not just fill out the form below and one of our experienced staff will contact you within 48 Hrs. Promise!

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