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When we designed Global Village Preschool we were adamant about incorporating a “Natural Playground”.  What a delight it was to see the benefits of this approach come shining through.  The kids were working on a gardening project when one of them noticed a bird’s nest, with two baby chicks inside!  You can only imagine the excitement it created amongst the kids.  They asked about the “Mommy bird”, what they eat, how do they fly, and other such questions.  Some were concerned that their nest looked too small so they decided to build a nest for them as well as a card.

Experiences such as these can only happen within a natural playground setting. It lets us know we’ve made the right decision to incorporate a natural playground within our learning facility. Wouldn’t you want your child to have similar experiences in their school?  The thing is; we are the only preschool in Doral with a natural playground!


We are so excited to give you a sneek peek at our natural playground. We have spent alot of time researching the ideal environment to provide for your little ones, as we are not satisified with the regular playsets and fake grass!  At our school kids will play, explore, and learn in a natural setting..and yes the grass is real! Final touches will include a water table, a wooden house and lots of open ended materials. Long live real grass!

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