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You don’t realize it, but in the next few minutes you’re going to feel excited to have discovered the secret to finding a preschool that your child will love! Think of how great you will feel as a parent knowing your child is happy in their preschool environment!

If you’re like me, then you have been searching and searching but just can’t seem to find a preschool that has the same high standards as you do along with qualified teachers with a true love for children and teaching. You are also looking for the organic homely feel with hands on concrete learning that is rare in preschools.

STOP! Did I just say organic? Yes I did! When you visit Global Village Preschool in Doral, you will see that they incorporate recycled materials as part of the curriculum in an eco friendly approach. Instilling a caring attitude towards our planet helps children grow into responsible adults.

Here’s a fact for you: Global Village preschool is the First and only ECO-FRIENDLY preschool in Doral, with an all natural playscape. They actually use real grass! Remember the great feeling of real grass tickling your toes when you were a child?!

Can you see why I’m so excited!

Imagine your child playing in a preschool that has hills with slides, tunnels for exploration, trees with real birds’ nests, log cabins for pretend play and even an outdoor play kitchen! You feel happy just thinking about it! Imagine your child!

You are beginning to see the benefits your child will have by learning in a truly hands on eco-friendly environment with certified caring teachers. As you read further into this letter you will certainly realize Global Village Preschool is the perfect fit for your child and this will make you feel relieved.

FACT: Global Village Preschool is owned and operated by a state certified early childhood educator with over 25 years experience.

But let me confess something: I was angry and somewhat sad that I did not discover a preschool such as this when my daughter was younger, she would have loved it! But you have that opportunity right now. Don’t let it pass you by.

Here’s the bottom line: You can only experience how eco-friendly Global Village Preschool is by taking a tour of the facility which I know you will do because you obviously want the best for your child and certainly nothing less.

A monkey you say? Call us today at 305-400-4383 to schedule your free tour and start your child off on the path to a fun and great learning experience. You now realize you have nothing to lose in taking a fantastic tour of our preschool!

P.S: One more thing; we have SPECIALS for a limited time!
P.S.S: You don’t have to rush to come in, but we won’t have SPECIALS forever so hurry!




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