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Greeting time helps our toddlers transition from home and gets them starting the day positively. I mean, wouldn’t you feel great if you went into work and the office was singing like this! Think about it!


Some of our cute students doing music and movement at Global Village Preschool! Love it!

You don’t realize it, but in the next few minutes you’re going to feel excited to have discovered the secret to finding a preschool that your child will love! Think of how great you will feel as a parent knowing your child is happy in their preschool environment!

If you’re like me, then you have been searching and searching but just can’t seem to find a preschool that has the same high standards as you do along with qualified teachers with a true love for children and teaching. You are also looking for the organic homely feel with hands on concrete learning that is rare in preschools.

STOP! Did I just say organic? Yes I did! When you visit Global Village Preschool in Doral, you will see that they incorporate recycled materials as part of the curriculum in an eco friendly approach. Instilling a caring attitude towards our planet helps children grow into responsible adults.

Here’s a fact for you: Global Village preschool is the First and only ECO-FRIENDLY preschool in Doral, with an all natural playscape. They actually use real grass! Remember the great feeling of real grass tickling your toes when you were a child?!

Can you see why I’m so excited!

Imagine your child playing in a preschool that has hills with slides, tunnels for exploration, trees with real birds’ nests, log cabins for pretend play and even an outdoor play kitchen! You feel happy just thinking about it! Imagine your child!

You are beginning to see the benefits your child will have by learning in a truly hands on eco-friendly environment with certified caring teachers. As you read further into this letter you will certainly realize Global Village Preschool is the perfect fit for your child and this will make you feel relieved.

FACT: Global Village Preschool is owned and operated by a state certified early childhood educator with over 25 years experience.

But let me confess something: I was angry and somewhat sad that I did not discover a preschool such as this when my daughter was younger, she would have loved it! But you have that opportunity right now. Don’t let it pass you by.

Here’s the bottom line: You can only experience how eco-friendly Global Village Preschool is by taking a tour of the facility which I know you will do because you obviously want the best for your child and certainly nothing less.

A monkey you say? Call us today at 305-400-4383 to schedule your free tour and start your child off on the path to a fun and great learning experience. You now realize you have nothing to lose in taking a fantastic tour of our preschool!

P.S: One more thing; we have SPECIALS for a limited time!
P.S.S: You don’t have to rush to come in, but we won’t have SPECIALS forever so hurry!



We are going to do our best to make this post as brief as possible, but there are some points we would like to get across. A lot of times preschools do not emphasize how important it is to appreciate not just the children but the parents that have to get them ready, pack their lunch, tackle traffic etc. just to have them here on time. We want to say we do appreciate all that you do and your continued support of our preschool.

We also know that no matter what we do we may never be able to “please” all the parents. There will be times we do not see eye to eye, but that is all right, as long as we remember we both want the same for the children.  We pride ourselves on being “real” which at times may not be appealing to some, but for the majority wanting upfront and honest treatment, it works. We do not love you any less 🙂

So, with that we say again, thanks to all the wonderful parents and children who have been and still are making Global Village Preschool possible.



So we grabbed one of our parent facebook comments and decided to have a little fun. We added a catchy beat and had a singer put a hip tune to it and VOILA! The first GVP singing Testimonial was born!  Below you will see the original post and the same post with music! Wow can we get any more creative?!! Enjoy!

After reading the post then click here to play musical version

Original post

Original post

We have all heard the parent who says “my child is already reading and they are only 4 years old!” How does that make you feel? Do you feel guilty? Well, you shouldn’t!

There is a growing trend maybe even an epidemic of parents who believe that pushing a child to perform academically early on is better for them. They get concerned if their child is not reading by the age of 4, or completing mathematical worksheets, or naming all the letters, and the list goes on and on.  I wanted to expose a few myths and reveal some truths that you may find enlightening:

MYTH #1: Children who learn to read early have greater academic success later on.
FACT: Research has shown there is NO correlation between early reading and later academic success, states renowned professor and developmental psychologist Dr. David Elkind. The differential gap between early readers and ones who learn later on disappear within a couple of years, so that there is no difference.

MYTH #2: Children who attend academic based preschools do better in later years than others.
FACT: That is NOT true. In fact children who attended academic based preschools tend to have more stress and anxiety in later years than those who attended a development based preschools.

Rather than pushing for an academic type preschool, research has shown that preschools that implement a developmentally appropriate curriculum give children the proper foundation for academic success in the future.  The appropriate environment involves gradual exposure to literacy and academic skills rather than making them the main focus.


Global Village Preschool places children based on their chronological age and not milestones (for example, we do not agree to refuse a child based on whether they are walking or not or potty trained).  Placing children by age, allows for the teachers to plan accordingly and use developmentally appropriate materials.  It also ensures a smooth transition into Kindergarten in the future. Often parents ask to have their child put into a class that is above their age group (based on date of birth) and do not see the detrimental effects this can have.


Be very careful of preschools that tell you, “your child will be reading when they leave here”, “Your child will be able to independently complete mathematical, addition/subtraction worksheets by 4 years old”, and other such claims. Instead look for preschools that say: “We employ developmentally appropriate practices”, “we expose the children to rich materials supporting their multiple intelligences”, “we emphasize self-esteem not extrinsic praise”. Every space within Global Village Preschool was carefully and thoughtfully designed to stimulate the child in a developmentally appropriate way.DSC_0780

We view children as seedlings. Just as seedlings need water, earth, sunlight, and fertilizer to flourish so to it is with children. Just as how you can’t pull the plant and stretch it to make it grow faster, neither should you do that with children. Instead nourish them with inspiration, water them with creativity, fertilize them with curiosity and they will bloom!

Parents, you should not feel guilty when your friend says “my child is already reading!” Rest assured that once your child is in a stimulating, developmentally appropriate environment with caring and understanding professionals, they are on the right track to academic success! Visit us at Global Village Preschool Inc. to experience what a developmentally appropriate environment can do for your child.

Being in the education field for over 22 years it still amazes me when I hear a parent base their decision on a preschool by if they serve lunch or not.

I feel I should take some time to express my humble opinion, again it is only my opinion and so it is not an end all.  Life moves at a hectic pace at times and as such we find ourselves with limited time throughout the day and this often trickles down to the mornings…being that we stay up later and hence sleep a little later in an effort to squeeze every drop of sleep we can get out of the night!

Here is my simple solution: “Wake up!” It’s that simple. By waking up even 15 minutes earlier you have all the time you need to prepare a healthy and delicious lunch for your precious little one. I am going to ask you to trust me on this next statement which is “the lunch you can prepare for your child will most of the times be healthier than the cafeteria or the schools provided lunch.” I make this statement based on my 22 years of seeing and tasting these lunches!

I have also seen alot of waste from food programs. The thing is wether or not your child eats bread, for example, if the food programs serves bread they still have to place it on your child’s plate. If it is not eaten then it is thrown away. This always saddens me; to see such waste.

This leads me to why you should prepare your child’s lunch:

1. You know what foods your child enjoys (not just eat, but enjoys).
2. Your lunch will be by far a healthier choice than any food program out there!
3. Less chance of an allergic reaction.
4. Helps build their individuality and offers opportunity for exploration through sharing.
5. Helps to create that parent child bond and allows you to stick little happy messages inside the lunch box .
6. If you allow your child to participate in the preparation, the more likely they are to eat it all.
7. Less waste.
8. It tastes better!

Now that I have shared my outlook on lunch preparation and it’s benefits, let me give you a couple of great lunch ideas that can be ready in those 15-20 minutes in which you woke up earlier…( you are going to wake up earlier right..?)

Idea 1: Cream Cheese & Jelly Sandwich (5 Mins)
This cream cheese and jelly sandwich is perfect for school lunches. It doesn’t get soggy, and kids love this unique sandwich. Just be sure to pack a cold pack, so the cream cheese stays fresh.
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
• 2 rice cakes (any flavor)
• 2 Tbsp. whipped cream cheese (it’s easier to spread than regular cream cheese)
• 2 Tbsp. strawberry jelly
1. Spread one tablespoon of cream cheese on each rice cake.
2. Top with one tablespoon, each, of jelly.
3. Put the sandwich together, with the jelly sides facing each other.
Serve immediately or pack for lunch!

Idea 2: Parmesan Tuna Sandwiches (15 mins)
This updated Parmesan Tuna Sandwich spread is full of fresh flavor. You could make this with canned salmon or chicken too.
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Yield: 4-6 servings
• 12 oz. can chunk tuna, drained
• 1 cup shredded Parmesan cheese
• 1/2 cup mayonnaise
• 2 Tbsp. sour cream
• 2 Tbsp. Dijon mustard
• 1 Tbsp. lemon juice
• 1 tsp. dried basil leaves
• dash pepper

In small bowl, combine cheese, mayonnaise, sour cream, mustard, lemon juice, and basil leaves and blend well. Add to tuna to mixture and blend. Cover tightly and refrigerate up to 2 days.

Idea 3: Easy Cheesy Quesadilla (10 mins)
Looking for a kids snack that packs a nutritional punch while pleasing a crowd and their individual tastes? Not only are quesadillas easy to make, but you can add any number of alternate ingredients to accommodate the palates of everyone. The basic recipe is below, but you can add just about anything to cheese quesadillas including: cooked ground beef, cooked chicken, bell peppers, olives, cooked salmon, chopped tomatoes, avocado, mushrooms, corn, beans, celery and more. Have fun experimenting to see what the whole family likes. And if quesadillas go over well as a kids snack, next time serve them for dinner!
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
• 2 large tortillas, any variety
• 1 cup shredded cheese — traditionally cheddar is used, but any kind is fine
• butter or margarine
Heat a non-stick skillet over medium heat. Lightly spread the butter or margarine on one side of each tortilla. Sprinkle the cheese and any other ingredients on top of the non-buttered side of the tortilla. Cover with the second tortilla so both buttered sides are facing out. Carefully put the quesadilla into the pan. Cook until the tortilla is lightly brown and then flip. Cook until the cheese is melted. Serve immediately on a plate and cut into four wedges or pack for lunch. Serve with sour cream, salsa and/or guacamole. Note: Any proteins you add to the quesadilla should be fully cooked before you add it in.

For more fantastic quick recipes visit this site
Keep giving your child the healthy choice.

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