Global Village Preschool

We love our parents!

Posted on: September 9, 2013

We are going to do our best to make this post as brief as possible, but there are some points we would like to get across. A lot of times preschools do not emphasize how important it is to appreciate not just the children but the parents that have to get them ready, pack their lunch, tackle traffic etc. just to have them here on time. We want to say we do appreciate all that you do and your continued support of our preschool.

We also know that no matter what we do we may never be able to “please” all the parents. There will be times we do not see eye to eye, but that is all right, as long as we remember we both want the same for the children.  We pride ourselves on being “real” which at times may not be appealing to some, but for the majority wanting upfront and honest treatment, it works. We do not love you any less 🙂

So, with that we say again, thanks to all the wonderful parents and children who have been and still are making Global Village Preschool possible.




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