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Posted on: February 25, 2013

We have all heard the parent who says “my child is already reading and they are only 4 years old!” How does that make you feel? Do you feel guilty? Well, you shouldn’t!

There is a growing trend maybe even an epidemic of parents who believe that pushing a child to perform academically early on is better for them. They get concerned if their child is not reading by the age of 4, or completing mathematical worksheets, or naming all the letters, and the list goes on and on.  I wanted to expose a few myths and reveal some truths that you may find enlightening:

MYTH #1: Children who learn to read early have greater academic success later on.
FACT: Research has shown there is NO correlation between early reading and later academic success, states renowned professor and developmental psychologist Dr. David Elkind. The differential gap between early readers and ones who learn later on disappear within a couple of years, so that there is no difference.

MYTH #2: Children who attend academic based preschools do better in later years than others.
FACT: That is NOT true. In fact children who attended academic based preschools tend to have more stress and anxiety in later years than those who attended a development based preschools.

Rather than pushing for an academic type preschool, research has shown that preschools that implement a developmentally appropriate curriculum give children the proper foundation for academic success in the future.  The appropriate environment involves gradual exposure to literacy and academic skills rather than making them the main focus.


Global Village Preschool places children based on their chronological age and not milestones (for example, we do not agree to refuse a child based on whether they are walking or not or potty trained).  Placing children by age, allows for the teachers to plan accordingly and use developmentally appropriate materials.  It also ensures a smooth transition into Kindergarten in the future. Often parents ask to have their child put into a class that is above their age group (based on date of birth) and do not see the detrimental effects this can have.


Be very careful of preschools that tell you, “your child will be reading when they leave here”, “Your child will be able to independently complete mathematical, addition/subtraction worksheets by 4 years old”, and other such claims. Instead look for preschools that say: “We employ developmentally appropriate practices”, “we expose the children to rich materials supporting their multiple intelligences”, “we emphasize self-esteem not extrinsic praise”. Every space within Global Village Preschool was carefully and thoughtfully designed to stimulate the child in a developmentally appropriate way.DSC_0780

We view children as seedlings. Just as seedlings need water, earth, sunlight, and fertilizer to flourish so to it is with children. Just as how you can’t pull the plant and stretch it to make it grow faster, neither should you do that with children. Instead nourish them with inspiration, water them with creativity, fertilize them with curiosity and they will bloom!

Parents, you should not feel guilty when your friend says “my child is already reading!” Rest assured that once your child is in a stimulating, developmentally appropriate environment with caring and understanding professionals, they are on the right track to academic success! Visit us at Global Village Preschool Inc. to experience what a developmentally appropriate environment can do for your child.


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